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My favorite hot sauce. The same old boring ones from the grocery store just simply don’t fuck as hard.

Sonia H.

The best hot sauce out there, you can put it on anything! A firehouse staple.

Alameda Fire Station No. 2

The sauces are superb.

They have dimension and are tasty to boot. Bottle Rocket is formulated to be the perfect accent to your food.

I love that it's hot but not just for the sake of being hot.

Jessica K.

Hottest stole my 1st, 2nd, & 3rd wives, that's how damn sexy it is.

Jack H.

Goes harder than your mom.

Fr it's tasty af.

Ciera F.

This hot sauce is soooo good!

I’ve given it to many friends as gifts. Everyone loves it!

Renee A.

Bottle Rocket has such an amazing, genuine team who provide great customer service and even better sauce.

Kyla R.

Verde ruined my life.

How can I use other sauces when I have Verde in my life?

I can't. Nothing compares . It's so fucking good.

Every other brand is so bland compared to Bottle Rocket.

Wendy M.

Words can’t describe the glory that awaits you after finishing an order of wings doused in Bottle Rocket Hottest.

Choas S.